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5 Essential Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen

  • August 8, 2019

A well-designed kitchen must be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Good kitchen and bath designers ensure that both requirements are met by asking clients how they work in their kitchens, what kinds of cooking they do most frequently, how they entertain, how prep and clean-up are done, and many other questions. Why? Because the answers to these questions inform functionality, which makes the kitchen a well-organized, easy-to clean, and pleasant space in which to celebrate the art of cooking!

In today’s post, we will briefly describe 5 storage solutions that we feel are essential for a well-functioning kitchen.

Storage Tip #1: Trash and Recycling Center

A waste basket cabinet is one of our highest-demand cabinet accessories. This keeps waste and recycling out of sight and easily accessible. Add a servo motor to the cabinet door and you can open and close with a simple touch of the knee for hands-free waste disposal!

Storage Tip #2: Tray Dividers

Tray dividers are a dream come true for kitchen organization. Heavy and bulky serving trays, serving platters, cookie sheets, and cutting boards are now easily accessible – no more pulling the desired item from the bottom of shelf! Tray dividers can be placed on either side of the oven or sink, above the oven, or in a conveniently-located wall cabinet.

Storage Tip #3: Cutlery and Utensil drawer

Custom drawer inserts make it easy today to keep your silverware, utensils, and cutlery well-organized, neat, and easily accessible. Wider drawers can accommodate several dividers so that utensils can be organized by both size and function.

There is no longer a need to risk serious injury by digging through a drawer of sharp knives to find the right tool for the job. Cutlery organizers are a safe way to keep those knives accessible and separate from other kitchen utensils.

Cutlery organizer in drawer cabinet accessory

Photo Credit: Decor Cabinets

Storage Tip #4: Corner storage

Corners can offer a wealth of precious storage in a kitchen. This space is often wasted in older kitchens, but today’s cabinet manufacturers have come up with some very clever ways of utilizing every inch of available space from the depths of those deep, dark corners.

Turntables are a traditional solution, and other options include pull out corner drawers or pivot corner shelves.

Corner cabinet storage ideas

Photo Credit: Decor Cabinets

Corner cabinet turntables for storage

Photo Credit: Wynnbrooke Cabinetry

Storage Tip #5: Lower Cabinet Drawers

Kitchen and bath designers understand the daily challenges of accessing heavy cookware or bakeware that may be stacked in the back of a 24-inch deep lower cabinet. That’s why lower cabinet drawers are often the preferred design solution for lower cabinets.

While the drawer box and mechanism may take up a little more space than a simple cabinet door, the advantage of easy access to your favorite cast iron pan far outweighs the slight reduction in space.

Contact a Mingle kitchen and bath designer today to explore how you can make your kitchen both functional and beautiful with these and many other creative storage solutions!

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