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  • September 26, 2018
When it comes to making decisions about your kitchen, it probably never occurred to you that there are placement options for your hardware. Like most design options, placement is based on a combination of design solutions and one’s own aesthetic.
Often times, different placements for cabinet, door, and drawer hardware is based on the designer’s style. Does it go in the middle of the drawer, on the edge or nowhere at all? Get advice on where to put cabinet hardware, knobs and pulls.


Option 1: Centered

For drawers, the most popular placement is to center the hardware in the middle of each drawer front. This option is symmetrical and is aesthetically pleasing. The main drawback to this placement is that the bottom drawer can be difficult to reach since the hardware is somewhat low.

Center Cabinet Hardware

Centered Hardware

Option 2: Centered on Top

For this option, the hardware is centered in the middle of the top drawer only. For all the lower drawers, it is placed on the top rail. Some find this placement visually unbalanced, while others appreciate its combination of function and style.

Hardware on Top

Hardware on Top of the Cabinet

Option 3: Two-pull placement

When drawers are 24″ wide or wider, we often like to double up on knobs or pulls. To place this hardware correctly, divide the drawer into thirds and place the hardware in the left and right portions of the drawer.

Two Pull Drawer

Two Pull Cabinet Hardware Placement

Option 4: No hardware

The option of no hardware is often used in contemporary style spaces. These spaces have a goal of clean lines and a very sleek look in mind, and using no hardware is in line with that goal. Often times designers will custom design the cabinet with extra space on the upper cabinets with a gap that provides room for your finger tips to grab hold to open the cabinet.

No Cabinet Hardware Style

No Upper Cabinet Hardware

Things to Remember:

For built-in refrigerators: make sure to purchase appliance pulls. This will ensure your pulls are proportional to the larger paneled doors and drawers.

Cabinet Hardware for Built-in Refrigerator

For knobs: There are a few different approaches to take when installing knobs. For a more current/modern feel, place the knobs so the bottom of the knob (in upper cabinetry) and the top of the knob (in base cabinetry) is flush with the edge of the face frame.

Cabinet Knobs Placement

A classic approach to take is to center the middle of the knob to the edge of the face frame.

Classic Approach Cabinet Knob Placement

And the third (more traditional) route is to completely center your knobs in the corner of the face frame.

Cabinet Knob Hardware Placement

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