Designer Spotlight: Tricia Tidemann

Today on the Mingle blog, we are kicking off a series in which we spotlight our design team! Today we are featuring Kitchen and Bath Design Manager/Lead Kitchen and Bath Designer, Tricia Tidemann.

What inspires you – personally and professionally?

Personally, I am inspired by seeing others do good in the world. Gestures large or small are always inspiring to me.

Professionally, I am inspired by great design. I enjoy looking at project photos and reading about what other professionals are doing.  It’s inspiring to come upon projects that have it all: beauty, functionality & architectural integrity.

What is a common question you receive from clients about kitchen and bath design?

Since clients are making a major investment in their new space, they always want good suggestions on colors and finishes that will look great now and will also withstand the test of time. I tell my clients that they should choose colors and finishes that they have liked for a long time – and be careful not to just go with something “trendy.” Also, I suggest that they avoid high-contrast colors. An “in-between” color always has more staying power. Lastly, the colors and finishes must make sense within the context and architecture of the space.

Kitchen Design by Tricia Tidemann Mingle

Beautiful East Coast Style Traditional Kitchen

Give me an example of a common challenge you face in kitchen and bath remodels. How do you overcome it?

My biggest challenge is to balance giving my clients exactly what they ask for with using my professional expertise to offer some possibilities that I think will work better. One of my all-time favorite quotes is from Henry Ford who said, “If I would have asked the people what they wanted, they would have said, faster horses”.

I love that because clients don’t always know what they want. Once we get started, we often discover new design possibilities and solutions.  It is my job to get to know my clients well, consider all the factors, and create beautiful, functional designs that they will love.

Bedroom Cabinetry Design by Tricia Tidemann Mingle

East Coast Style Home with Custom Master Entertainment Suite

What made you interested in working for Mingle?

I walked in for my interview and I saw hundreds of kitchen and bath product samples beautifully displayed throughout the showroom. At that moment I fell in love.  Having all the tools and resources I need to do my job at my fingertips is still exciting to me!

 What about kitchen and bath design brings you the most joy?

I love creating spaces that my clients love.  It makes me happy to see the look on their faces, the tears of joy in their eyes, and hear about how they live in their new space and don’t really use the rest of the house much anymore.

Library Custom Design by Tricia Tidemann Mingle

Custom Library Design by Tricia Tidemann

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