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Designer Spotlight: Megan Dent

  • August 20, 2019

Today on the Mingle blog, we continue our designer spotlight Q & A series with Megan Dent, one of our award-winning Kitchen and Bath Designers.

How did you get started in kitchen and bath design?

I actually started in this industry as an interior designer. I switched paths to kitchen and bath design because I wanted to utilize my mathematical and technical skills as well as my design skills. While kitchen and bath design is certainly more specialized, it appeals to me because of the creativity and problem-solving skills involved. It allows me to apply design principals, construction know-how, attention to detail, and project management skills to create beautiful spaces that clients will enjoy for years to come. 

What inspires you – personally and professionally?

Personally and professionally, I am inspired by travel.  I am passionate about experiencing different cultures and taking in the architecture and vernacular styles of the homes in a particular area. I often find myself going on home tours in my free time and, when appropriate, applying what I see and learn to my work.

What is your favorite design style and why?

My personal style is clean, simple, and contemporary, which just happens to be what many of my clients today are looking for. That said, I also love to design anything historic! I take pride in understanding everything about a particular historic period and its style so that I am able to create an authentic design based on true historic precedent. Mid-century Modern is among my favorite historical periods, and I have designed several spaces that reflect the design principles of that time.

Mid-century modern bathroom remodel

A mid-century modern bathroom remodel by Megan. Photography: Scott Amundson Photography

How does using a kitchen and bath designer enhance a remodel?

Our extensive training as a kitchen and bath designer gives us insight that impacts the project in many ways. There are always hidden “surprises” in remodeling projects, and often only an experienced Kitchen and Bath designer will have the creativity and technical know-how to correctly address these challenges. Not only will the end result have solid architectural integrity, but it will be aesthetically pleasing and well-functioning. We look at the bigger picture and design spaces that work for the homeowner!

Give me an example of a common challenge you face in kitchen remodels. How do you overcome it?

A common challenge in remodeling is helping the client understand the value of good design. Kitchens and baths are expensive, and homeowners often dream and save for years before embarking on a remodel. It is in the homeowner’s best interest to engage an experienced kitchen and bath designer to make sure the result meets the project goals, budget, and timeline. I always suggest that potential clients look at my portfolio and schedule an introductory meeting in the showroom to help them determine best fit.

Kitchen and Bath Designer New Build Kitchen Design Edina MN

European Transitional Kitchen designed by Megan Dent in Edina, MN. Photography: Scott Amundson Photography

What made you interested in working at Mingle?

Cliché but true, I wanted to work at Mingle because there is no other place like it in the U.S.! The beautiful Mingle showroom allows my clients to see a wide variety of products and styles, and helps them visualize everything from the depth of a cabinet to the size of an island. Mingle also helps me as a design professional present a variety of creative options to my clients, including storage solutions, countertops, tile, hardware, and more.

What about kitchen and bath design brings you the most joy?

To me, the most exciting part of each project is the initial space planning phase. I picture it all as a puzzle that includes the client’s wants and needs, the budget, and the structural challenges. It gives me great joy to see how I can creatively put all the pieces together into a functional and beautiful design!

To learn more about Megan, read her bio on our meet the design team page.

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