Transitional Kitchen Cabinetry Style

5 Elements of a Transitional Kitchen

  • April 18, 2019

If you feel that your style is not quite traditional and not quite contemporary, there is a name for that: transitional. Transitional-styled kitchens are the most popular style of kitchens today, and their fresh appeal is both exciting and enduring.

For starters, transitional kitchens are characterized by blending elements from both traditional and contemporary designs to create a one-of-a-kind kitchen. The combination of a traditional kitchen’s attention to detail and the sleek lines of a contemporary kitchen make for a beautiful transitional kitchen. In this post, we are going to walk you through 5 elements of a transitional kitchen.

1. Sleek Cabinetry and hardware

Transitional kitchen cabinetry is simpler in style than traditional cabinetry. Whereas traditional cabinetry often features raised panels and other rich detailing, transitional cabinetry features flat panels with minimal trim. A transitional cabinet, while sleek and clean, is more versatile than a typical contemporary cabinet, which is characterized by a full slab door, with no panel and no trim.

Hardware in a transitional kitchen is also classic and minimal, without excessive detail.

Transitional Kitchen Design Sleek cabinetry and hardware

Transitional Cabinetry

2. Minimal Accents

Keep it simple and clutter-free when accessorizing a transitional kitchen. As shown below, the greenery and crisp white and light grays create a cohesive, clean look.

Transitional Kitchen with Minimal Accents

Transitional Kitchen with Industrial Flair

3. Neutral Palette

Transitional spaces, including kitchens, typically feature a neutral color scheme. Elements of the décor are monochromatic and layered to convey a warm feel. If you’re going to add a pop of color, keep it to a minimum.

Transitional Kitchen with Neutral Palette Colors

Monochromatic Elements and Color Scheme

4. Natural Surfaces

Granite, marble and other natural surfaces are very well-suited for all kitchens, regardless of the style. For a transitional kitchen, steer clear of any detailed edge profiles – remember to keep the countertop design minimal and classic, just like the rest of the space!

Transitional Kitchen Design Natural Surfaces

Granite Kitchen Island in Transitional Kitchen

5. Lots of Texture

Because transitional kitchens often have a neutral color palette, honing in on texture in a few key elements is important. This can be done in a tile backsplash, lighting fixture or hardware selection.

Tile backsplash and gold light fixtures add texture

Tile backsplash and gold light fixtures add texture

Kitchen design of all styles, including traditional, transitional, or contemporary, as well as outdoor kitchen design, is our specialty. View our portfolio for more of our design work or schedule an appointment to consult about your kitchen design in the works!

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Johnny McCarron says

Wow, these elements make me want to get a transitional kitchen of my own. Perhaps I should look at kitchen remodeling contractors. It’d sure be nice to have an aesthetically strong and practical kitchen.

    The Mingle Team says

    Transitional kitchens are timeless and definitely aesthetically pleasing and most importantly, functional! Searching for an experienced and trustworthy kitchen remodeling professional is a great place to start the process! In case you didn’t know, Mingle is a kitchen and bath design studio where we provide full service kitchen remodeling services and everything you need for your remodel under our one roof. We are here to help!

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