Kitchen Island Additional Cabinet Storage
  • October 16, 2018
Kitchen islands are a common trend in most kitchens these days, but have you ever thought about the impact they make on your kitchen? Get inspired and read on about 4 ways a kitchen island can improve your space.


Space for Prepping Food / More Countertop Space

Whatever sized kitchen you have it’s often difficult to find counter space when you need it. Often times the problem is that the kitchen has so many useful appliances, there isn’t as much countertop space as you’d like for prepping food. This is one of the big advantages to having a kitchen island as it gives you more space to prepare food without feeling restricted. The space can also be easily converted into a great place to serve food.

Kitchen Island Countertop Space

Countertop Space to Prep Food

Storage / Additional Cabinetry

Kitchen islands not only provide more countertop space with the addition, but also come with more cabinets, meaning more storage! Utilize island cabinets for things you need easy access to, or use a lot, or accessories such as garbage/recycling centers or pull out drawers for pots and pans.

Kitchen Island Cabinetry Storage

Kitchen Island Additional Cabinet Storage

Social Gatherings

Not only can you prep and serve food on your kitchen island, but you can host a social gathering at it, too! A kitchen island is the perfect spot for friends and family to gather casually or with optional seating.

Kitchen Island Seating

Kitchen Island Seating for Social Gathering

Design Statement / Add Style

A kitchen island is the perfect opportunity to add in a stylish flair to your kitchen. Contrasting color, a striking countertop selection or stylish bar stools can make the kitchen island the focal point of the space with minimal effort.

Kitchen Island Design Statement

Stylish Kitchen Island

Have questions about designing a kitchen island right for your space? Contact us today and schedule an appointment with a kitchen and bath designer.

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